Over 30 years’ experience for your mobile world. From software to devices and Wi-Fi networks to proven managed services.

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Expertise for all areas of mobile data capture

Working under the umbrella of Circlon, experts in software, hardware and Wi-Fi technology develop pioneering solutions for transport, logistics, retail, industry, production and field service sectors. Strategic consultation, customised mobility solutions designed in a complete and sustainable life cycle, all with one goal, the success of your business.

For the waste and disposal management sector, we offer you comprehensive digital hardware and software solutions from a single source.

  • Certified partner of the largest hardware providers for mobile devices
  • Comprehensive services for your mobile hardware
  • Smart device asset management via the software solution Circlon | Operate 
  • Efficient MDM with our Circlon | Mobility Connect 
  • Effective high-performance Wi-Fi, independent of the cloud and reliable at all times
  • Labelling of disposal bins using innovative labelling solutions
  • GPS tracking of waste disposal bins and vehicle fleets
  • Most modern truck navigation and route planning

For the healthcare sector, we offer comprehensive digital hardware and software solution concepts from a single source

  • Certified partner of the largest hardware providers for clinics and the entire healthcare industry
  • Our projects for the digitalisation of hospitals are eligible for funding as investment costs according to the ‘Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz’ (KHZG) (Hospital Future Act)
  • Smart hospital asset management via the software solution Circlon | Operate 
  • Effective high-performance Wi-Fi, independent of the cloud and reliable at all times
  • Labelling of medical products using innovative laser technology 
  • Barcode verification to secure the process chain
  • Tracking and tracing of pharmaceuticals

Increase your competitiveness through our expertise:

  • Informative analysis of inventories in real time
  • Increased data quality
  • Simpler, streamlined and less bureaucratic processes
  • Intuitive operating concepts
  • Rapid and measurable ROI
  • Device management with high automation potential

Our insight and know how into a diverse range of industries and sectors will enable you to discover new perspectives.

  • The installed MDM clients give you continuous control of the device data, allowing you to optimise your process flows
  • The devices are configured so that all users can communicate securely anytime, anywhere
  • Managed SOTI: For our customers, we provide SOTI support for the end user

From consulting, to development and training, we have the best software solutions for your mobile data capture needs.

  • Comprehensive advice on current developments as a basis for enhancement
  • Rough concepts as a roadmap and detailed concepts with precise function planning
  • Development of customised applications and interfaces
  • Implementation and rollout
  • Location-independent training and documentation
  • Flexible support levels

We combine the skills from roll-out, operation and repair.

  • Optimise the staging and replacement process of your devices for increased availability in the field
  • Benefit from our experience from over 300 roll-outs
  • Speed up repair processes and reduce follow-up costs during operation
  • Keep track of everything: Using the Statistics function in Circlon | Operate helps you reduce failure rates up to 30%
  • Transform big data into specific, productive and precise KPIs
  • Custom-build products: charging solutions are devised specially for you

We are the partner at your side when it comes to choosing the right MDM software.

  • The installed MDM clients give you continuous control of the device data, allowing you to optimise your process flows
  • The devices are configured so that all users can communicate securely anytime, anywhere
  • Managed SOTI: For our customers, we provide SOTI support for the end user

Wi-Fi as fast and stable as LAN. Maximum efficiency with the greatest possible security. Minimisation of the TCO.

  • Demand analysis, simulation, site survey, configuration, validation survey, training, monitoring, troubleshooting
  • Reliable availability thanks to perfect wireless coverage with special equipment
  • High bandwidth thanks to manufacturer-independent Wi-Fi technologies
  • Interference-free, absolutely stable wireless network solutions
  • Utmost security thanks to established encryption technologies
  • Maximum cost efficiency thanks to lower hardware costs, low installation expenditure and reduced running costs

The future of mobile data capture – fully covered

With our unique 360 concept, we guarantee security in your selection of manufacturers, and the configuration and process optimisation of your mobile devices. Also, we support you throughout the entire life cycle of your mobile data collection devices with training and comprehensive support for our software solutions, plus the planning of your WI-FI environment.


Powerful hardware, trend-setting software and secure Wi-Fi solutions as simple and uncomplicated as never before – and all this under one umbrella.


Joint projects begin with an evaluation. Here, we take a close look, together with the customer, at the task at hand and the requirements for the implementation of a mobile IT solution. The entire project is calculated precisely in terms of scope and time requirements. This includes the hardware and all associated components, plus the software and service contracts.

Our Services

Analysis of the requirements and customer specifications (requirement specifications)
Pre-selection of hardware
Test runs and trials in the pilot phase

Evaluation establishes clarity as all important parameters are defined in advance

Hardware pre-selection provides first clues to optimal solution scenarios

We help you to estimate your procurement requirements precisely

In Practice

During an evaluation process, we developed various criteria together with our long-standing customer DPD. We made a selection for an individually equipped mobile computer that is both suitable for demanding continuous use and is state-of-the-art. The customer specifications were clear: functional, robust and reliable.

Selection & Procurement

After defining the most important specifications and successfully passing various test runs, we define the scope of procurement, the requirements for the software solution, the migration and the service concept together with the customer. We take care of the entire process with the respective manufacturers.

Our Services

Selection of the product with accessories and determination of the order quantity
Configuration of the hardware and software
Planning of the roll-out and maintenance contract (SLA)

We take care of the procurement and complete handling at the manufacturer

You benefit from our top conditions, which we achieve thanks to our long-standing partnerships with the manufacturers

We plan a comprehensive roll-out for you for a seamless and loss-free transition to the new generation of devices

In Practice

For our customer DPD, we ordered mobile computers that stand out due to their robustness and user-friendliness. Data transmission via WLAN and wireless communication makes these devices versatile handhelds for mobile use. The device management software selected can also be updated and maintained easily via remote access.


Our experienced project managers lead the roll-outs. All newly delivered hardware components and accessories are logged into the Circlon I Operate portal. This means that the device status can be seen at any time. Repeat orders can be covered quickly thanks to an additional equipment stock.

Our Services

Staging before the roll-out
Circlon | Operate portal: creation of structures, initial filling
Processing of repeat orders

Our staging in advance ensures smooth delivery

We always have a peak stock of devices ready for you

The roll-out can be recorded seamlessly in the Circlon | Operate portal

In Practice

During the DPD roll-out, 12,000 handhelds were equipped with SIM cards, loaded with DPD software and the battery fully charged. The Circlon | group sent up to 300 devices per day to around one hundred DPD depots in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux. The roll-out of the new mobile computers for the DPD couriers was successfully completed within eight months.


Our services ensure the efficient operation over the entire life cycle of the hardware. Our Circlon | Operate portal and Circlon Managed Services with fast repair processing form the basis for high device availability.

Our Services

Circlon | Operate portal individually tailored to the user
24h availability of important device data
Simple replacement equipment service

Fast 24-hour replacement with Circlon Managed Services

Automatic generation of an RMA number and provision of return labels

Benefit from recommendations for action for easy self-repair

In Practice

DPD manages its device pool via the Circlon I Operate portal. The route managers can use the portal to order ready-to-use replacement devices within 24 hours, view the repair status of faulty hardware and check their device usage. If a handheld is defective, the portal also offers recommendations for self-repair.


With our optimisation measures, it is possible to specifically minimise failure rates. The entire damage, replacement and repair process can be viewed at any time in the Circlon | Operate portal. The latest software and hardware data as well as detailed statistics and analysis functions are always available.

Our Services

Maintenance and provision of components
Analysis of aggregated data
Preventive measures, training, workshops

We increase the efficiency and profitability of your equipment pool during operation

A reduction in the repair rate leads to lower failure rates at peak times

Conclusions can be drawn regarding the efficiency of the use of equipment and the service concept.

In Practice

The data collected in the Circlon | Operate portal allows DPD to draw conclusions about the efficiency of the use of equipment and the service concept. Detailed statistical functions help the depot managers to minimise the failure rates and further optimise the processes. A decrease of 10% was recorded in the RMA processes.

Replacement & Roll-In

In the case of a generation change, the roll-in of the old hardware usually takes place at the same time as the roll-out. We take care of the return of the equipment inventory, the secure deletion of data and the environmentally-friendly disposal of old equipment and accessories.

Our Services

Advice and service for all your replacement needs
Environmentally sound disposal of equipment and accessories
Secure deletion of all data

We offer you advice and service for all your replacement needs

Benefit from efficient processing parallel to the roll-out

Roll-out plus roll-in: optimally coordinated and everything from a single source

In Practice

This phase of Mobile Life Cycle Management closes the life cycle of mobile data collection devices. The Circlon I group supported DPD in the roll-out of the latest generation of devices and at the same time with the professional, environmentally friendly disposal of discarded devices.

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You get advice right from the start. We deal directly with our client’s employees on site. We accompany them in their daily work to question operational process structures. Based on this deep insight, we recommend which processes fit with the organisation and which hardware and software can be optimally implemented.

Our Services

Technology and application consulting, hardware recommendations
Process and organisational consulting
Methodical support (e.g. delivery processes)

Practice-oriented consulting creates faster and cheaper processes

Innovative consulting, as a result of an objective approach to internal company processes

Rapid integration of solutions into existing handling structures thanks to a better understanding of the task at hand

In Practice

EDEKA Minden-Handover was looking for a solution for the seamless monitoring of its cold chain integrated into its shipping tracking system. Thanks to our end-to-end organisational consulting, EDEKA chose Windows Mobile as the optimal operating system for its mobile devices, which was successfully integrated with a track & trace system. Information about cooling, and the routes can be retrieved and reported at any time.


In the concept phase, we can identify potential errors and strategies for solutions. We work out the specific software components in detail making the processes transparent. Gaps are then uncovered and eliminated directly – allowing us to achieve the desired result more quickly.

Our Services

Research at customer sites for clarification and optimisation
Preparation of comprehensive documentation including specifications and change management
Methodical analysis and structuring of customer requirements

Conception using professional tools for analysis and process optimisation

Comprehensive project planning incl. elimination of conceptual shortcomings

Detailed description of all functional requirements (front-end, back-end, infrastructure, interfaces)

In Practice

The discount retailer Netto together with the Circlon I group had its shipment tracking system audited by TÜV SÜD for compliance with data protection guidelines. The result was a concept for a certified system that offers security for the complete loading and disposal process. With the software, the driver saves time and can start loading while other goods are still being picked.


With our modular approach (mobile computing framework) and ready-made software modules we solve difficult tasks quickly and reliably. Indeed our modules have repeatedly proven themselves to be practical and extremely successful. Also, we constantly develop new tools for special requests and new requirements.

Our Services

Front-end developments (browser/web-based, mobile apps)
Back-end developments (server, database, interfaces, networks, cloud)
Consideration of critical aspects and rules, regardless of the size of the project

Platform-independent developments for various form factors (responsive web design for smartphones, tablets, netbooks, etc.)

Complete implementation including data backup, server monitoring, document management

Support in different roll-out phases (hybrid operation, big bang, soft opening)

In Practice

For Hermes Einrichtungs Service (HES), the Circlon I group has developed software that organises a complex and transparent delivery process in so-called 2-man handling for employees and customers. It provides a dual login system for the driver and co-driver and supports additional components such as an EC card reader. Customers are notified of the delivery date in good time and can track their shipment in real time.

Training & Support

Our experienced team of trainer offer more than 1,000 training sessions per year, in several languages for both groups and individuals. With on the ground support we assist employees with advice for daily use of the software. Our support team uses dashboards to identify weak points and can offer immediate assistance.

Our Services

Europe-wide software training including feedback evaluation and adaptation
Full service, IT and technical support, hardware checking and replacement
Early problem detection thanks to IT-supported monitoring (dashboard)

Training at the respective company location by experienced training staff ensures increased acceptance through better user experiences

Faster ROI due to better efficiency of use

Competent support from structuring workflows to coordination in all project phases

In Practice

For our customer Lekkerland, we developed a system that enables complete and uniform shipment tracking across five countries. For this we trained employees in the use of activity logging. Now, the software enables the driver to document all deliveries and returns with complete transparency – and in five languages.


The basis for optimisation is a well-populated database that is always up-to-date. A technical journal is generated from the database, where all events and anomalies are logged and can be analysed to optimise processes. This can be used to determine where and why load damage occurs or to obtain information on why a device fails more frequently due to, for example, an empty battery.

Our Services

Round-the-clock monitoring of hardware and software
Analysis of user, device and system behaviour
Determination of optimisation measures and predictive maintenance

Analysis of user behaviour to uncover problems with hardware and software applications

Logging of events in a database

Technical journal allows the identification of causes and the initiation of countermeasures

In Practice

A solution for route splitting and real-time shipment tracking was implemented for REWE. Thanks to the stored data and visualisation in the technical journal, it is possible to quickly and reliably determine the causes of a faulty device or a sub-optimal process. Once the problems have been eliminated, all measures taken are logged in the database and the new status is monitored by means of the technical journal.


For security reasons, software updates should be carried out regularly and efficiently. From experience we know the interactions that result from an update in advance, and therefore can suggest early stage measures: for example if programming interventions become necessary. Adjustments can then be quickly made and then unpleasant surprises in daily operations avoided.

Our Services

We introduce updates reliably and efficiently on the ground
Comprehensive testing and feedback of experience used for development
Optimisation and customisation of apps according to user feedback

Guarantee of lasting software security at maximum productivity

Reliable estimation of the effects of updates in advance

Software adaptations ensure stable operation after updates

Use of efficient tools to implement updates in a controlled manner

In Practice

We developed an improved navigation and routing system for our customer Hermes. After several test updates, unwanted interactions with the existing software were eliminated. With the optimised new version, it is now possible to determine the arrival time more accurately. Hermes and its customers benefit from this increase in accuracy.

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Manufacturer Selection

We provide you with manufacturer-independent consulting services for sophisticated and flexible WLAN solutions, specially tailored to your requirements. We offer you an extensive selection of handheld, cradle and printer solutions as well as the latest wireless infrastructure technologies such as GPRS/GPS or Bluetooth.

RF Design

WLAN is our strength. We develop an efficient wireless infrastructure for you to meet the increasing demands of mobile communications. Our goal is a design that is specially tailored to your application and combines exceptional technologies, high performance and constant flexibility.


Our WLAN technologies are the best thing that can happen to your devices. We develop a configuration tailored to your needs, which includes hardware and software as well as all peripheral devices. With our solutions you experience high performance, stability and significant cost optimisation through a perfectly coordinated concept.


We all need tests and challanges to grow. Ongoing reviews of our WLAN solutions guarantee that we are able to master any problem for you. Based on the validation, we determine whether the specifications fully cover your requirements as well as system and environmental parameters. Within the framework of verification, we check whether the requirements precisely meet your needs.


Standstill is the greatest enemy of progress. This is why we are constantly on the move and support you with our WLAN optimisation throughout the entire service life of your mobile IT. As part of this 360° support, you have access to our online Circlon | Operate portal, which enables all device data to be analysed and evaluated in real time, allowing you to constantly optimise the deployment of your devices with this Mobile Life Cycle Management.


We do not look for errors, but for solutions. With our wireless systems, you have complete control over the use of your equipment. In the event of repairs, replacement devices can be ordered online, thereby ensuring rapid device replacement. Downtimes are dramatically reduced, your inventory of devices is put to better use, and your processes are streamlined.

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Our success is measurable

They demonstrate how we identify existing problems together with our customers and formulate tangible tasks. These examples reveal how our know-how and many years of experience, develop individual solution concepts.

The following case studies show you some recent examples of our solutions.

Hermes Logistik

15,000 touch computers for Hermes parcel shops, including complete equipment service via Circlon I Operate

Edeka Minden

Simplified route planning and cold-chain monitoring with the Circlon I track & trace


Real-time goods tracking for flexible planning of extensive vehicle routes and delivery orders

Hermes Einrichtungsservice

Software-supported loading with many additional benefits for delivery to the customer

Contact our experts

On the basis of our decades of experience and expertise, we can develop practical solutions for every industry in which mobile data capture plays a central role. This enables our customers to benefit from higher efficiency and productivity in their process chain.

Ask us about our expertise in your special field – we have wide-ranging industry-specific knowledge and are happy to offer you our advice.