New possibilities for mobile data capturing

PDS Entwicklungs- und Service GmbH is based in Cologne and offers its customers consulting, planning, implementation, and service in all areas of the mobile IT world, drawing on over 30 years of experience. Together with system development and integration, PDS also supplies the right hardware for mobile data recording.

Development of the forward-thinking Circlon concept

In addition to years of experience, PDS stands out especially thanks to its passion for innovation. The company has been operating since 2015 with a unique data-management and service concept. Circlon 360° support including Circlon Operate Portal makes it possible to optimize your mobile IT devices over their entire life cycle. This is a forward-thinking concept with virtually no competition as yet, and a number of well-known companies like Hermes Logistik, TNT, and LPR have already taken advantage of it to increase their efficiency.

  • Founded in 1986 with headquarters in Cologne
  • Around 40 employees
  • Over 300,000 mobile devices already delivered
  • Annual revenue has reached double digits in the millions
  • More than 100,000 devices currently supported through Circlon

Collaboration with well-known manufacturers

The Circlon | group draws on the expertise of device manufacturers such as Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, and Casio when it comes to hardware – companies that we have worked with for years and with which we have cultivated long-standing, fruitful partnerships. Thanks to this, Circlon | group customers can always rely on extremely robust, tried-and-true hardware components.

The Circlon | group – highest caliber providers of mobile IT solutions

The Circlon | group is the largest German provider of mobile IT solutions in the transport, logistics, retail, production, and field service sectors. We have four companies working together in our group, each of which specializes in one key area in the process chain of mobile data recording. These companies combine their specialist expertise in close cooperation so that the Circlon | group can develop forward-thinking comprehensive solutions for mobile IT.

Circlon | PDS – the leading system developer for mobile data recording

Circlon | TCG – the skilled Wi-Fi and MDM specialist

Circlon | dff – the innovative software developer for mobile systems

Circlon | md – the reliable repair and service partner

Large national and international clients

The Circlon | group supports the largest logistics and industrial companies in Europe: Hermes Logistik, Deutsche Post AG, Dachser, LPR, DPD, CWS-boco, TNT Express, Tetra Pak, Saint-Gobain, RWE Metering, Rheinenergie, and many others.

Innovation inciter and enabler

The Circlon | group spearheads the forward-thinking digitization process for trading and industrial companies. We enable our clients to use innovative mobile IT solutions over their entire process chain: from the warehouse through to production and dispatch or sale. We provide support with the latest hardware, software, Wi-Fi, and MDM solutions as well as unique 360° support and the Circlon service and optimization concept.

The partner companies of Circlon | PDS

Circlon | TCG – Wi-Fi and MDM for the industrial sector

At the beginning of 2015, TCG Taneri Consulting GmbH joined forces with PDS Entwicklungs- und Service GmbH. TCG is a specialist in wireless infrastructure and has years of experience in the fields of retail, production, and field service as well as transport and logistics. Their expertise is in Wi-Fi and MDM as well as the areas of mobile devices, bar code scanners, RFID technology, and printing systems.

TCG supports large international companies primarily from the retail field such as the food industry.

Circlon | dff – software development for mobile systems

Since April 2017, Circlon | dff has expanded the services provided by the Circlon | group to the field of software development for mobile data recording. The company has developed application software and operating systems for mobile data recording devices for over 15 years.

Circlon | dff offers modular, intelligent solutions for complex logistics and data recording processes in the fields of trade, field service, transport logistics, cold chain monitoring, and transport of dangerous goods. Circlon | dff is the market leader for food logistics in Germany and supports clients such as Rewe, Edeka, Penny, and Metro Systems.

The modular software components from Circlon | dff allow each company to quickly get started with mobile data recording and easily expand their existing system environment at a later date.

Circlon | md – repairs and service for mobile IT devices

Circlon | md offers a prompt and reliable repair service for mobile data recording systems, which is indispensable for all sectors. This includes a fast repair service for hardware components, a detailed error description, and after a final check the device is cleaned as well.

Many years of collaboration with well-known hardware manufacturers gives Circlon | md a high level of technical expertise, which is always up to date.