New possibilities for mobile data capturing

Reliable Handheld Devices – Perfectly Tailored to Your Field

The handheld devices from our partners like Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, and Casio are extremely practical. They are robust and user-friendly and have a long battery life as well as a large, easy-to-use display.

  • We analyze your specific requirements to determine which devices are most suitable for your purposes.
  • All hardware components can be individually adapted using cradle solutions and configurations.
  • We provide advice on the many uses of RFID: passive, semipassive, and active systems; write or read systems or combinations of the two; close-range and long-range systems; and different designs (electronics casing, credit card shape, labels, etc.)

Optimize Your Device Usage with the Portal Circlon Operate

Circlon offers comprehensive, one-of-a-kind options for optimizing your entire mobile IT inventory. At the heart of this concept is our Portal Circlon Operate, a platform for simultaneous checks and evaluation. Data from different sources is consolidated here and analyzed.

More about Circlon Operate

Our Basis for Continuous Support: Mobile Life-Cycle Management

We do not only advise you which devices and which software functions are the best solution for you. We accompany you during the entire life cycle of your mobile devices and support you in the optimization during the ongoing use of the device. In doing so, we use our web portal Circlon Asset & Repair for the analysis and evaluation of all occurring device data. In this way, information is gained on the basis of which we help our customers to realize optimization potentials in the device pool. For example, with instructions for simple self-repair or with preventive measures to protect the devices. Tailor-made workshops for local users are included in our consulting offer for the entire product life cycle of Mobile IT.

Circlon | PDS has acquired this comprehensive consulting competence over the entire product lifecycle in over 300 projects and has already proved it for many well-known customers, for example for Hermes or DPD. A detailed case study can be found in our media portal.

Individual Services

We recommend a tailored service agreement at the start of our work with you, so you can rely on 100% support even when repairs are needed or devices are replaced. Depending on the scope of the agreement, you can make use of different services:

  • Quick hardware servicing with fast response times
  • Help desk with technicians available for immediate advice
  • Access to the manufacturer’s service technicians
  • Reliable repair handling
  • Replacement device inventory providing new devices within 24 hours
  • In-house “bring-in service” for fast returns