Transport and Logistics

PDS draws on over 30 years of experience from more than 300 successful projects. We are intimately familiar with the processes that are specific to the transport and logistics industry and have oriented our solutions around these, offering robust handheld devices with intelligent software that takes all of your requirements into account. We work together with experienced manufacturers such as Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, and Casio to achieve this. PDS GmbH is the only provider in Germany to implement a rollout of the order of more than 18,000 devices.

In Practice


By joining forces with WLAN specialists TCG, PDS is able to develop optimal mobile communications solutions for large retailers. Retail companies get flexible solutions even for very large device inventories, especially in very complex mobile infrastructures.

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Production and Field Service

This industry has very distinct requirements, since we develop different solutions depending on the field. Our handheld solutions are extremely practical and offer navigation functions, telephony, a large display (also as tablet PCs), and high performance. And with the right software, they meet all of the specific requirements at the forefront of the fields of production, warehousing, and field

In Practice

Special Industry-Specific Solutions

It goes without saying that all of the solutions we develop in the field of the production and field service can be used in a wide range of industries. For example, we have already implemented system solutions that are tailored to the specific idiosyncrasies of the health-care, energy-supply, and public sectors. We are happy to develop special applications that increase the efficiency of your mobile IT devices using our Circlon 360° concept.

Ask us about our expertise in your specific industry; we have a wide range of industry knowledge and will be glad to offer our advice.
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