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PDS GmbH supports transport & logistics, retail and production companies with an innovative complete solution for mobile data recording. Our comprehensive Mobile Life Cycle Management offers you sure-fire processes and a longer service life for your devices.

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Circlon – Our 360° Concept Covers the Entire Life Cycle of Your Mobile Data-Recording Devices

Our complete support solution optimizes your device use and reduces downtime. With Circlon, we offer forward-looking online device management and a service concept for all of your mobile IT devices – from handheld machines to bar-code printers. Get everything from a single supplier, over the entire life cycle of your devices:

  • Selection and Evaluation

    Device recommendations across all manufacturers, based on our experience from over 300 projects

  • Procurement

    Detailed return-on-investment analyses so you can invest with confidence

  • Rollout

    Smooth delivery of even large orders for devices that come ready to operate

  • Operation

    Status, location, and assignment overview of your devices at all times

  • Optimization

    Avoid downtime and extend the service life of your devices through controlled use

  • Collection and Replacement

    Quick collection and decommissioning of used equipment and complete replacement with new devices

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Independent advice and cooperation with established partners

Our hardware solutions
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Software development, Mobile Device Management (MDM), and system integration

Our software solutions
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Asset Management

Innovative optimization concept including Web-based Portal Circlon Operate

The Portal Circlon Operate
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Consulting & Service

Advice and support over the entire life cycle of your mobile IT devices

The right solution
"Thanks to Circlon, we have significantly improved our equipment use, made our logistics processes more efficient, and reduced downtime to a minimum – all based on the analyzed device information and advice from PDS GmbH.“
Michael Bonnes, managing director of logistics, LPR GmbH

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