The Best Mobile IT Device Management of All Time!

Use our Circlon Operate Portal to record and analyze your entire device inventory in full. Collect and evaluate all generated data on your device inventory – and continuously optimize device use. With this approach, you can minimize downtime and significantly reduce your total cost of ownership.

Your practical advantages:

  • Easy handling – ready to use without any training
  • Quick configuration – set the language, company structure, device inventory, etc. with just a few clicks
  • User-friendly analysis – calculate and graphically display performance indicators based on individually selected data flows

Finally: Convert Big Data into Meaningful KPIs with Ease!

In Circlon Operate, you can compile and analyze a large amount of targeted, heterogeneous data, opening up potential areas of optimization that you can easily identify. For example:

  • What is the current device inventory like? How many reserve devices are available?
  • Is the battery performance of all devices overall still sufficient?
  • Is warranty cover ensured through service agreements for all devices?
  • Where do the most frequent repairs come up?
  • What are my top-five locations?
Big Data gesammelt im Dashboard als KPIs

Use Special Features for Optimized Device Use:

Continuous Optimization at Multiple Levels

With our innovative device management portal, you can extend the service life of your devices using predictive maintenance and receive early alerts when a device is about to fail. Your processes become more reliable and faster. You can therefore make better use of your device inventory overall and achieve significantly increased productivity.

  • cloud-icon

    Introduce service processes
    quickly and conveniently

  • computer-icon

    Avoid sending away intact devices
    using self-help tools

  • intelligent-software

    Identify devices not yet
    being used

The service and optimization concept Circlon offers 360° support over the entire life cycle of your mobile data-capturing devices – from the initial device selection to the final roll-in.

Device management takes on a key role with Circlon Operate. As soon as you start using the Circlon Concept, you will receive personalized access to the Circlon Operate Portal. Regardless of the extent to which you make full use of the innovative options before you, you will certainly benefit!

Circlon Operate –
the Heart of Circlon

Circlon | group specializes in mobile data capturing for well-known companies from the fields of transport and logistics, production and field service, and retail. We have put more than 30 years of experience into developing a unique mobile life cycle management system for our customers known as the Circlon Concept.

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