Circlon | Operate Intelligent IT service management for mobile devices

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Explore new ways in the mobile age with Circlon | Operate

Monitor and improve your mobile device pool step by step with Circlon | Operate and increase your digitisation level at the same time. With the ITSM platform Operate for logistics, transport, retail and the manufacturing industry you increase your performance and enrich your processes with valuable data. Operate allows you to intelligently and easily control rollouts, return and repair processes, maintenance and service contracts, whilst comprehensive reporting, real-time analyses and business intelligence at the highest level keep you well informed at all times.

Our Solution Architecture

Go digital step by step with fast results

Operate provides a simple solution to help you digitise your business processes successively and at the same time enables the company-wide capture of all mobile data.

What makes Circlon | Operate special?

Overview of all mobile devices and their condition without exception - anytime and anywhere.

Reliable management and administration of all devices, their costs and contracts - from single devices to complete pools.

Simple maintenance processes including repair services - device replacements within 24 hours.

Proactive device management ensures the right devices, in the right quantities, at the right time, in the right place.

Benchmarking for productivity and performance of device types, sites, and more.

Reduction of failures and expenses thanks to optimal availability and data evaluation.

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Central added value for your IT, purchasing and site management

Whether you are introducing new device generations, monitoring ongoing operations or evaluating device types, Circlon | Operate creates added value for your IT operations, purchasing and depot managers.

IT Operations Management

Overview of all mobile devices and their condition

Centralised data without duplicates

Full SLA transparency for all stakeholders

Sophisticated IT security and GDPR compliance

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Finance and Purchasing

Reliable asset management

Detailed calculations of costs and values

Optimised device pool

Strong negotiating position with suppliers

Contract Management

SLA Conformity

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Site management

Quick and easy RMA module for repairs, returns and device replacements

Proactive maintenance and monitoring ensures perfect device distribution

Full understanding of the entire device pool

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Typical applications and advantages to increase efficiency

Device Condition

  • Stable software and applications
  • Warning about battery problems and failures
  • Battery capacity and replacement forecasts

Spare Pool Operations

  • Ensuring device availability for each individual driver
  • Filling and monitoring of spare pool
  • Tracking of hidden, inactive or lost devices

Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA)

  • Comparison of the return behaviour of faulty devices
  • RMA quantity and duration are standard
  • Quality benchmarking and RMA performance trends by location and device types


  • Record and manage all service contracts with Operate
  • Monitor expiring service contracts
  • Evaluate device types for future purchases

Overview Functions and Features

  • Complete asset management and MDM (all devices, all accessories)
  • Monitoring of device conditions (software, battery, peripherals)
  • Spare pool management and operations (quantity, efficiency and SLAs)
  • Repair services and portal (RMA)
  • Data exchange with all major European repair centres (e.g. Zebra, Honeywell)
  • Notifications and alarm functions
  • Customer-specific cockpits and reports
  • Special reporting for purchasing (contracts, device usage and types, RMA statistics)
  • Flexible user and role management
  • Customer-specific KPIs such as performance trends (Business Intelligence)
  • Cloud-based, GDPR-compliant application
  • Optimised for all devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • SOTI compatible and free Android client

My Operate – Advantages of working together with the Circlon | group

  • Independence from manufacturers and equipment brands
  • Years of experience in the transport & logistic, retail and manufacturing industries
  • Integration of third-party services, e.g. repairs
  • Customer-specific developments
  • Customer-specific premium service

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