In his function as the Group's new commercial director, Lars Koernig-Kron will be optimising resources and processes for further growth – he will play a key role in the Circlon | group's international orientation.

With the appointment of a highly qualified employee, the Circlon | group is taking the next step towards the further development of its business processes. Lars Koernig-Kron joined the Circlon | group as the new CFO on 1 September 2019 and will contribute to the further expansion of international business in addition to handling national business. 

The Circlon | group specialises in the development of internationally implementable software solutions, such as the ITSM solution Circlon | Operate or the shipment tracking Circlon | Track & Trace. This also makes it necessary to adapt the finance and administration departments to new requirements, which will be Lars Koernig-Kron's main area of responsibility. With its extensive experience and industry knowledge, the company is excellently equipped to tap into new markets. The new authorised signatory and CFO and his team will establish internal processes and strategically align system resources, e.g. the ERP system, with these goals. 
Lars Koernig-Kron is the successor to Lothar Ernst, who is leaving the company after 9 years of successful cooperation after a handover period until the end of 2019.

The team around the new CFO will actively support the digital transformation of the Circlon | group's product portfolio and thus drive it forward. Lars Koernig-Kron comments on his methodical planning: "In the initial phase, it will be crucial to get the employees enthusiastic about the issues at hand. We therefore attach great importance to open and clear communication, so that the most important first steps can be implemented quickly and successfully."


Years of expert knowledge for the Circlon | group

Michael Zitzmann, CEO of the Circlon | group, appreciates the many years of experience that his new colleague is bringing with him to achieve the set goals: "I am delighted to have Lars Koernig-Kron, an experienced financial expert, in my management team. He brings with him exactly the skills that will help us grow stronger internationally and map our solution portfolio even better at a global level."

After completing his studies in business administration and successfully passing his tax consultant state examination, Lars Koernig-Kron worked for several years as a senior auditor in industry and commerce at KPMG, one of the four largest accountancy firms in the world. Following his time at KPMG, he took over various management functions in the financial sector in an international environment. This is where Lars Koernig-Kron acquired his in-depth knowledge he will be drawing when optimising team processes, such as reporting for banks, shareholders and investors. He was responsible for the introduction of controlling instruments and ERP systems and has been actively involved in global projects for the alignment of individual corporate strategies.

Lars Koernig-Kron has excellent knowledge of financial management, i.e. all issues relating to financing, receivables management, foreign currency transactions and guarantees. He also has extensive knowledge of personnel management, for example recruiting, payroll accounting, hiring staff and in-house training. 

Before joining the Circlon | group, he was a commercial director of the GÖRLITZ Group for more than four and a half years. This company distributes and implements proprietary software and hardware in the areas of smart measurement systems and smart grids in the international project business – primarily for customers in industry and the energy sector. The Circlon | group will now benefit from the wealth of experience that Lars Koernig-Kron has gained in his field over the years.