The Circlon | group can draw on its many years of practical and device know-how as well as in-depth knowledge of Android and related apps.

If an operating system update or a software change is required in mobile data capturing, for example from Windows to Android, the question arises as to how the existing apps can continue to be used. Are complex adjustments required? Should function extensions be implemented in the course of the migration?


Know all the uncertainties in advance

Even when routinely installing security patches, you should know in advance what impact this action will have on the devices and the apps you are using. Only with this knowledge can app adjustments be made quickly and in a targeted fashion, whilst avoiding unpleasant surprises in daily operations.

An expert partner like the Circlon | group makes sure that a system change to Android runs smoothly and that all updates are done regularly, uncritically and efficiently. The Circlon | group understands the interdependencies that an update has on Android apps, and can suggest early action when programming intervention becomes necessary.


Frequent updates and security patches

There is no doubt that it's a good idea to install the latest Android updates as soon as possible. This allows users to enjoy the latest software features, and they can assume that their mobile device is always up to date in terms of security. In the consumer market updates and/or new installations are simple and largely uncritical – generally only requiring users to adapt to the refreshed user interface.

In addition, private users have hardly any problems with the apps from the store after a new installation, with the app updates running automatically and almost unnoticed in the background. For private users, this is ideal and an update is usually a non-critical and useful process. So it is no wonder that the Android version 7 Nougat, which was released in 2016, is already the most widely used in the consumer market – distantly followed by the older versions Marshmallow and Lollipop.


Caution in the business sector

The situation looks different in the business sector. First, older Android versions, even KitKat and Jelly Bean, are still common. And secondly, specifically developed applications run on these versions – often with a specific addressing of hardware components such as camera, navigation system, headset, battery or speakers. It is for good reason that manufacturers of mobile computers ship their Android-based devices with fixed specifications. Changes due to updates can lead to problems.


Multiple updates a month

On the other hand, Google brings out a new major Android release at least once a year, sometimes there are two security patches a month. This means a great deal of installation effort, new features and unknowns for companies. But no-one knows for sure which tweaks Google has made and what impact these will have on mobile IT applications. Does the memory management need to be adjusted? Have the memory locations changed and does the SD card still work? Are there runtime limitations for apps? How does the hardware addressing change, for example for the battery, the headset or the scanner? Is there a new encryption technology?


Total meltdown: update and nothing works

In the field of logistics, where Android is increasingly used as the operating system on mobile computers, it must be ensured that the application-specific apps function reliably. This requirement does not relate solely to productivity. With several thousand devices in the field failing to work properly after an update, restoring the correct function is a real challenge and often only possible with a complete factory reset of the device requiring a great deal of effort – a real horror scenario, even for stress-proofed logisticians.


Software updates with an experienced partner

The Circlon | group can draw on its many years of practical and device know-how as well as in-depth knowledge of Android and related apps. This allows experts and software developers to spot where stress points can occur in the run-up to an update. The Circlon | group takes care of all Android updates and, if required, re-engineers the affected apps and software components, so that after an update, all functions are one hundred percent available again. For users, this means permanent software security and maximum productivity, without any risk.


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