Almost every year, new hardware and software comes out, bringing along changes in applications.

Android devices are widely used, at the same time the development is advancing rapidly. The Galaxy S4 - still a good mobile phone - was launched by Samsung back in 2013, five years ago - that's ages in the consumer sector. Between today and back then there are more than four generations of devices. In early 2018, the Galaxy S9 was launched with the Android operating system "Oreo" (version 8.x); at which time, the S4 was still running on "KitKat" (version 4.4.x). Again, there are several software generations in between - each with major differences.


What is the situation in companies?

Almost every year, new hardware and software comes out, bringing along changes in applications. Unlike private users, no company that has just equipped its production or logistics with new mobile computer devices is interested in repeating every year the huge effort required for a system changeover. This is why the product lifecycles here are usually around 5 years. A system change due to technical innovations only then becomes increasingly more urgent, for example, if the availability of hardware components is no longer guaranteed or an extensive software update is required.

On the one hand, a 5-year cycle brings routine and stability into the processes. On the other hand, software producers like Google for Android periodically bring out updates and new major releases that must not be ignored, primarily for security reasons (see blog More security in Android-based mobile IT).


Updates with trial run and app customisations

When mobile phones and mobile computer devices undergo an update in companies, comprehensive processes come into effect that can be associated with pilot runs, tests, post-optimisation and, if necessary, reprogramming. In this test phase, it is important to find out whether "old" apps still run on the new operating system or possibly require reprogramming. In such cases, it is necessary to work with a partner who can accurately assess the situation. After all, no one knows in advance exactly what tweaks Google will introduce in the updates.

A further complicating factor is that manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, and also mobile computer device manufacturers such as Honeywell and Zebra, base their own software solutions 'on top' of the Android operating system so as to give their devices that manufacturer-specific touch (hardware support, interface, functionality, etc.) that makes them distinguishable and attractive to the various customers and their respective requirements. Keeping track of things here and always keeping up to date is virtually impossible for non-professionals due to the short update cycles. At the same time it is necessary to respond immediately to security vulnerabilities and possible hacker attacks and to implement software updates in the shortest possible time on all devices that are in use.


Software migration with an experienced partner

The Circlon | group is an excellent partner with many years of experience and specific know-how of the Google Android operating system as well as individual device series and customised (on-top) software solutions. Whenever you need to run security updates or test and install a new major release, the Circlon | group is an expert consultant as regards the execution. If it transpires that certain applications are not running as intended or certain features are no longer available, Circlon | group specialists are able to adjust the apps as required. The company accompanies customers throughout the migration phase.


Ensure hardware availability

The support is by no means restricted to the software side. With a lifecycle of five years, it is also important to ensure that the availability of the hardware components used is guaranteed. If, for example, the protective covers have to be replaced due to wear, only then to find that the cradles no longer fit the new covers, this is not only annoying - the user has a real problem.


Optimum support through the Circlon | Operate Portal

For the above-mentioned reasons, the Circlon | group also offers intelligent online-assisted support for the hardware. Via the Circlon | Operate Portal, in which all the users' devices are recorded along with their components and version statuses, it is possible to derive reliable failure statistics and a corresponding needs assessment. Accordingly, this allows the provisioning of required components such as batteries, protective covers, cradles and the like. This in turn ensures that a reliable inventory of hardware is always available, which can be quickly deployed and managed efficiently via the portal. Needless to say, all the software versions can also be determined here, making it almost impossible for the company to still have "old" mobile computer devices in use and thereby eliminating any potential security vulnerabilities and possible targets for hackers to attack.


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