Drawing the Right Conclusions from Device-Related Data.

Every company that uses mobile IT, whether in logistics, retail, or production, inevitably collects device-related data from its handheld devices. The data flows come from heterogeneous sources: from the devices themselves, the RMA process, or aggregated in customer-specific databases and a mobile device management system like SOTI. Through efficient consolidation and customized analysis in the Web-based Circlon management system from PDS, this data provides the basis for real “business intelligence.”


Predictive maintenance and more

Take batteries, for example. The battery data recorded in MDM, the information from the repair processes, and even consideration of individual stress factors like temperatures during use allow the device inventory operator to calculate trends. These calculations can then be used as a basis for initiating early replacement of batteries before periods of heavy use commence, like the Christmas season for logistics companies.

The key term here is “predictive maintenance,” because in the case of comprehensive service contracts, unexpected downtime can lead to consequential operational costs that are not directly related to the hardware. For example, a delivery driver may need to cancel their route because their device is not working, or an employee processing incoming goods may need to interrupt the flow of goods due to a faulty scanner. Preventative replacement could also be required for the wireless modules of a device series, for example. If it becomes clear from increased repair requests that frequent early replacement is needed after a certain duration of use, these modules can be replaced in a targeted, planned effort.

The aggregated data can also serve as an important basis for decision-making in general asset management, like when service contracts are up for termination or renewal or talks with hardware suppliers have been started.


Customer-specific KPIs

Circlon contains a real-time reporting module that shows the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) for the device inventory live on the Web front end, both in the form of a table for individual analysis or in graphics for quick feedback. PDS easily customizes the KPIs in Circlon based on customer requirements. Customer-specific escalation levels can also be defined, which trigger an automatic push notification by e-mail or text message to inform relevant IT employees and managers about critical information on an ad hoc basis.


Solution-oriented advice

PDS also provides individual advice as part of the Circlon concept, which covers the entire life cycle of mobile data recording devices. With thirty years of experience in the management of both small and large device inventories, PDS can help companies interpret their device-related data intelligently. Together with the customer, PDS works to develop solutions for a quick return on investment for the handheld devices in use, efficient device management without downtime, and the right service concept.


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