The complete solution from one place! Service and expertise throughout the entire product life cycle of your mobile hardware.

Cologne, November 11, 2015. The PDS Group, a leading system developer and integrator for mobile data recording, presents Circlon Mobile Life Cycle Management. This comprehensive device management concept includes all services both before and during the entire life cycle of mobile data recording devices, smartphones, and barcode printers, from one place, from the selection, evaluation, and procurement of devices to the roll-out, operation, and optimization of the devices during use, and finally to the replacement and roll-in of the equipment.



A core component of Circlon is the Circlon Operate Portal, a Web-based RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) and asset management system developed by PDS for the management and servicing of both small and large device inventories. The Circlon concept comprises a total of six phases with services before, during, and after operation: during the first phase (selection and evaluation), customer requirements and the framework conditions are defined and hardware and software from different manufacturers are independently selected and evaluated. In the second phase (procurement), PDS works with the customer to draw up road maps and financing schemes and lay the groundwork for the service concept and integration of the mobile solution. In the third phase (roll-out), the Circlon Portal comes into full use for a quick and smooth implementation of the new devices with the customer. During the fourth (operation) and fifth (optimization) phases, the Circlon Portal and optionally an external mobile device management system, along with services from PDS, provide efficient implementation and control of the service concept and help optimize device use. In the sixth phase (replacement and roll-in), the life cycle of the mobile data recording devices draws to a close, during which PDS provides advice and services concerning the replacement and return of old devices (roll-in) and offers environmentally friendly disposal.

“With the comprehensive services included in Circlon, we solve the challenges faced by our customers in all life cycle phases of their mobile data recording device inventory,” explains Michael Zitzmann, managing director of PDS Entwicklungs- und Service GmbH. “We complete the circle for them, from the earliest stages of determining their needs to the replacement of old handheld devices, and above all, at the peak of the life cycle we offer optimal services for the smooth use of the devices without loss of time, money, or data. We work with the customer to calculate the return of investment in the Circlon solution, taking the total cost of ownership of the overall mobile solution in question into account.”

Circlon is based on PDS's decades of experience in mobile data recording and its expertise as an independent partner of device manufacturers like Honeywell, Casio, and Zebra. Large international parcel and express delivery service providers like DPD and TNT Express, and industrial companies like RWE Metering, a subsidiary of the energy giant RWE, rely on this complete service offered by the specialist in mobile IT.

Circlon Mobile Life Cycle Management in the specialized press
ident, issue 6/2015 “Der Kreislauf eines Produktlebens”