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Markus Mosebach will push the OnePlatform strategy as the new Chief Technology Officer

Markus Mosebach has been the new CTO of the entire Circlon | group since 1 April 2021. In this role, he will be responsible for product and project development and innovation management across all sites and will drive the OnePlatform strategy by reorganising development. In future, sales and development will move closer together in order to allow customer requirements to be incorporated into development results more quickly.

Through the planned restructuring in development and a new, more efficient development process, the Circlon | group is creating greater scope for innovation and in turn the conditions for cross-sector growth. Markus Mosebach will establish new technologies, methods and toolchains to further promote the Circlon | group’s expertise as a full-service solution provider for mobile data capture.

Phillip Wagner, CEO of the Circlon | group, has this to say about the new appointment: “As the Circlon | group, we must position ourselves optimally in the area of our development for the future challenges. As the new CTO, Markus Mosebach will set the right course to realise our OnePlatform strategy. We look forward to him successfully driving forward this approach and our new solution concept with his team.”

Implement projects more efficiently

By implementing all existing solutions on a OnePlatform architecture, the Circlon | group can realise future projects even more efficiently. To achieve this, Markus Mosebach’s first step will be to help implement the product portfolio more than before in configurable best practices.

Markus Mosebach says: “Thanks to the Circlon | group’s cross-sector and long-standing experience, we can provide customers with sound advice based on existing best-practice solutions, implement projects faster and significantly reduce time-to-market.”

Experience: interdisciplinary and international

In his professional career, Mr Mosebach has led interdisciplinary teams, also internationally, and gained a wealth of experience in software development and project management, which he will be able to put to excellent use in his new position. As the new CTO, he will contribute his knowledge to the strategic development work of the Circlon | group in addition to the systematic management and support of employees. Customers will feel it: based on the OnePlatform architecture, they stand to benefit from faster results and shorter project turnaround times.

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