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Phillip Wagner is the new Managing Director of the Circlon | group

In his role as the Group’s new CEO, Phillip Wagner will be responsible for managing the company and optimising processes for further growth and will play a key role in positioning Circlon | group as a full-service solution provider for mobile data capture. 

With the appointment of a new managing director, the Circlon | group is underpinning the next step in the further development of its corporate processes. Phillip Wagner joined the Circlon | group as the new CEO at the beginning of March and will help to consistently pursue the new direction that has been initiated. In particular, the implementation of the OnePlatform strategy – the networked interaction of mobile data capture devices with the compatible software solutions Circlon | Operate and Circlon | Track & Trace – will be one of his main tasks. 

The further development of new paths – a reliable partner for digitalisation 

The Circlon | group provides Europe’s largest industrial, transport, logistics and retail companies with smart solutions for complex data capture processes. With the development of the solutions, Phillip Wagner will continue and support the newly chosen path taken by the Circlon | group. This also includes the implementation of the new OnePlatform: the software applications Circlon | Track & Trace, Circlon | Go and Circlon | Operate are now networked and interact with each other. 

Phillip Wagner says of his methodical planning: “We intend to be the fast, reliable and smart partner for our customers when it comes to optimisation and digitalisation in the movement of goods. With the OnePlatform, we are already well on our way. The networking of software products and solutions on a single platform significantly accelerates the implementation of projects; often projects can be realised in only one third of the previous project duration. This is where we would like to come in with our complete solution portfolio in the area of Enterprise Mobility Management and also make our Wi-Fi solutions and services even more efficient.”

Extensive management experience for the Circlon | group

With Phillip Wagner and his extensive experience at the helm of a wide range of companies, the Circlon | group is excellently equipped for new challenges. He acquired his many years of expert knowledge in almost 20 years of operational management after his commercial training and the successful completion of his studies in business administration and an MBA in the USA. Phillip Wagner has already worked in a wide variety of industries, his portfolio ranges from service and retail companies to various manufacturing companies. Most recently, he was Managing Director at a Munich-based private equity company. 

Phillip Wagner has an excellent knowledge in the field of corporate governance and innovative processes for business regeneration. The Circlon | group will now benefit from the wealth of experience that he has gained in these areas over the years.

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