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Efficient migration to Android-based mobile devices

In the event of a system change and updates, the Circlon | group can exploit potential to save time, effort and costs.

Mobile IT always requires high-performance hardware as well as application-optimised software. At the same time, user behaviour plays a major role when it comes to introducing new solutions. If a version update or an operating system change from Windows CE or Windows Mobile to Android is pending for mobile data capturing, the question always arises as to whether and how the existing apps can continue to be used.

From Windows to Android – a major step

A user accustomed to a particular operating system or user interface is reluctant to abandon their familiar world, which they may have felt comfortable with for years, such as in a Windows environment, or in the application they use on a daily basis. They also would like to find the operating concepts that they use privately, preferably at work, too. Due to the widespread use of Windows, almost anyone can handle it well – people are very reluctant to change their habits. When it comes to smartphones, the use of an Android device is now also widespread.

Operators of mobile computers in sales, retail, warehouses or transport also need to find a software environment in which they can find their way around well, along with tools they are familiar with. If they already know the applications they have to work with on a daily basis, they can immediately work productively with new devices. This reduces the training as well as the costs, whilst increasing productivity and application efficiency.

All these advantages, however, can only be realised if the migration from Windows CE or Windows Mobile to Android and the software migration is thought through and carried out in a structured manner. This is why an experienced partner who is always up to date with the latest technology plays an important role in a system change. The Circlon | group has realised many different customer projects in the past and thanks to its extensive practical experience can offer effective support in all cases.

Porting with pitfalls

If existing applications based on Windows CE or Windows Mobile are migrated, most users prefer a 1:1 implementation of existing solutions. At the same time, the possibilities of the new (Android) device, such as a new operating concept, are to be fully exploited, whether due to larger screens or multi-touch screens, whereby in most cases the keyboard and function keys are then dispensed with.

Changing to (differently) sized touch screens without a separate keyboard presents challenges. Even the warehouse software, which is actually only displayed in a terminal emulation, requires a new suitable terminal emulation and possibly a different operating concept.

Switching to Android means breaking new ground

Switching from Windows CE or Windows Mobile to Android would almost go unnoticed if all applications could be migrated quickly and easily; like in the past with Windows, where an update had hardly any effect on the manner of operation. But it’s not that simple.

If a company is faced with a system or generation change in mobile data capture, it will always be necessary to clarify how existing software solutions will continue to be used in addition to selecting new hardware. Can the functions used so far be implemented in the same or similar form in the new software environment? Are complex adjustments necessary when changing system? Should upgrades be implemented in the course of the migration? In answering these questions, it is also important to know exactly the different types of apps.

Many aspects have to be considered

Switching operating systems is accompanied by massive changes. This is also to do with the great dynamism of the Android development. While Windows CE and Windows Mobile have been slow to develop and have stalled in recent years, Android is constantly evolving. This is a great advantage for the users, because they can benefit from the new functions, but also a major challenge for the IT, which has to be always up to date, especially concerning the security of the systems. A partner like Circlon | group supports users with every version change.

Due to the widespread use of Android, security vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited time and again. Therefore it is not an option to work with an old Android version for a long time. Constant updates are absolutely necessary. The software specialists of the Circlon | group also help with security issues.

There is a solution to every problem – with us as your partner

For a fast and smooth migration from Windows CE or Windows Mobile to Android-based hardware it is advisable to get a competent and experienced partner on board. The solution provider is particularly important in the migration to an operating system such as Android and in the (further) development of apps.

The software specialists of the Circlon | group can draw on a wealth of experience spanning many years and can provide advice and practical support during the transition and with Android app development.

Is your company looking to migrate its mobile IT to Android? Do you need support with updates?

Simply arrange a personal consultation.

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