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With the introduction of Circlon Day, the Circlon | group provides an ideal platform for a top-class event on the subject of digitisation and intelligent IT management.

KölnSky Cologne – The Circlon Day for customers, business friends and partners took place on 22 May 2019 under the heading “One Day in the Cloud”. An exciting supporting programme with experts from the retail and logistics sectors awaited the guests. 

Following the reception, Michael Zitzmann, CEO of the Circlon | group, announced the speakers and their presentations on the latest trends in digitisation and IoT in the retail, transport and logistics sectors.

In his keynote speech on “Digital Darwinism”, Karl-Heinz Land as a technology pioneer explored controversial questions that we have to deal with both from a corporate and a customer perspective in the age of the “Digital Revolution”: How fast is digital development advancing? What are the requirements for tomorrow’s companies? To what extent do customers influence the digital transformation of entire corporations? And finally the question of all questions: What will our digital future look like and what opportunities can we exploit to influence it?

Marco Lamonaca, Director Products & Innovation of the Circlon | group, led the day and invited the guests on an interesting journey through the varied programme. He was supported by the speakers and cooperation partners Samsung, topsystem, Zebra Technologies and Honeywell. Programme items such as “Digitisation from the device perspective” (by Judith Hoffmann, Sales & Marketing Strategist at Samsung) and “Voice solutions for the digitisation of processes” (by Tim Just, CEO topsystem) through to “IoT & the Internet of Intelligence” (by Thomas Bryan, Senior Account Manager Sales, Zebra Technologies) illustrate the range of content of the event. Karen Bomber (Director Industry Marketing – Retail, Honeywell) from North Carolina visited the Circlon | group as part of her trip to Europe and gave an impressive presentation on “Technology Implantation” from a retail perspective to the 50 invited guests.

Michael Zitzmann sums up the quintessence of the day: “In the follow-up discussions, it became clear that both customers and manufacturers in the retail and logistics industries share one and the same goals and uncertainties. We all want to stay in control of the ever-increasing pace of digitisation and the exponential growth of data. To do this, we need intelligent analysis tools and IT management systems like Circlon | Operate.”

With its portfolio as a digital enabler, towards the end of the day, the Circlon | group drew a line to the introductory keynote. Marco Lamonaca highlighted the possibilities of digital transformation with solutions such as Circlon | Operate, an intelligent IT service management system for mobile devices. With this, the Circlon | group proves that new paths in the mobile age can only be taken by means of optimised controllability and management of data volumes and that the time is ripe for an increased digitisation level and mature business intelligence.

The guests of Circlon Day talked about an inspiring day, which offered many opportunities for exchanging information with its enjoyable supporting programme. Accordingly, the participants will remember “One Day in the Cloud” and the view across the Cologne skyline each with their own vision of the future of digitisation.

More exciting insights on Circlon Day: The complete video can be found here.

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