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Conserving resources and the environment with sustainable concepts

The Circlon | group has a clear idea of how a modern company can make a positive contribution to greater sustainability. This is why clever measures are being taken throughout the Group to benefit the environment and the employees.

One of the core requirements of sustainability management in companies is to look beyond the purely economic aspects and identify potential for sustainable business. As far as theory is concerned, ecological, social and economic demands should be taken into account and brought together. It is always about the sensible use of resources. Now the Circlon | group has made a decisive step forward through many small steps and would like to serve as a role model for other companies with a stringent approach and consistent implementation.

Michael Zitzmann, CEO of the Circlon | group, commenting on this, says: “I see it as part of my duty and responsibility that our company not only leads the way in data security and as a digital enabler, but also in environmental protection and the responsible use of limited resources, so that we preserve an intact world worth living in for our future generations”.

In the warehouse area, for example, the plastic filling material will be replaced in future by an alternative packaging solution. Or an example from administration, where almost only paperless communication takes place. Destruction of files: sustainable and resource-saving in a recycling economy. Building technology: intelligent air conditioning. Vehicle fleet: completely diesel-free, hybrid electric vehicles are increasingly being used to reduce emissions – this has a direct effect on the carbon footprint. And on the subject of waste: the Circlon | group uses drinking water dispensers instead of plastic bottles, there are returnable bottles instead of disposable cups and at the Göttingen site there are already washable cloth towels instead of paper towels that pollute the environment. Further measures are planned.

Stop the flood of plastic

According to Deutsche Umwelthilfe (Environmental Action Germany), around 10 million tons of plastic waste pollute the world’s oceans every year, of which 500,000 tons come from the EU. The ocean has become one of the most polluted places in the world. In addition – and you would hardly believe it – Germany has been the EU record holder in the production of packaging waste for years (220 kg per capita in 2016). According to Deutsche Umwelthilfe, the amount of plastic packaging waste has increased by about 94% within 20 years.

Today, around two thirds of fruit and vegetables in Germany are needlessly pre-packaged, and plastic bag consumption is still far too high. The high consumption of disposable bags, cups and plastic bottles not only creates enormous amounts of waste, but also wastes resources unnecessarily. What does astronaut Alexander Gerst say about the protection of our earth from his view from above? “We don’t have a planet B. https://youtu.be/eEPzwQdp27Y.

Introduction of water dispensers

In order to stop increasing pollution and conserve resources, everyone has to pull together – and the Circlon | group is also doing its bit. Disposable cups with a demonstrably poor eco-balance are now banned from coffee machines and PET bottles are not used. Instead, several thousand euros have been invested in drinking water dispensers. Thousands of PET bottles and their environmentally harmful sourcing can thus be avoided every year.

What do the employees think? Oliver Bernards, Team Leader Inside Sales at Circlon | group, says: “The employees are totally enthusiastic about the newly introduced drinking water dispensers, because in addition to protecting the environment, Waterlogic’s patented system delivers ultrapure drinking water, absolutely bacteria, virus and germ-free thanks to UV and activated carbon filtration – also cooled and, if desired, sparkling with carbon dioxide. The topic of sustainability is very much supported by our colleagues.”

Breaking new ground in packaging as well

The Circlon | group has a high volume of parcel shipments due to its hardware offering and its servicing and repair work. All devices are recorded as part of Circlon | Managed Services and, depending on the service contract, are supported throughout their entire life cycle.

To ensure that the entire service process is as environmentally friendly as possible, the packaging process was also scrutinised and revised. It goes without saying that Circlon employees ensure that any cardboard boxes sent in are reused as far as possible during the replacement process of the devices. In addition, the Circlon | group has opted for a new unwinding system for packing and filling paper, which will replace the previous filling of the cardboard boxes with plastic filling material (foils, polystyrene, etc.). The innovative system with which the filling paper can now be used optimally is called “Crumpy”. The time when plastic air cushions and foam pads were used is now over; puffed up filling paper is the better solution.

On the subject of paper, most correspondence has been switched to paperless communication – most correspondence with customers (offers, invoices, etc.) is now sent by e-mail; only large tenders are still sent by post. The fact that the flood of paper in correspondence with customers has been cut significantly is demonstrated above all by the greatly reduced postage costs.

Paper reduction and disposal in the recycling economy

documentus Deutschland, a professional service provider, handles the disposal of paper and files for the Circlon | group, which by law must be stored for up to 10 years, and takes care of the complete, DIN-compliant destruction of the documents in compliance with the GDPR – including the return of the secondary raw material to the recycling economy.

With this procedure, the Circlon | group assumes ecological responsibility for the destruction of files. All in all, many practical sustainability measures have been implemented within a short period of time in order to make more careful use of limited resources for better environmental protection.

Do you have any suggestions or your own experience with sustainability? Please let us know at info@circlon.de. We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

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