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Optimised processes with Circlon | Track & Trace in digital shipment tracking for one of the largest kitchen manufacturers in Europe

The Circlon | group has developed a Track & Trace solution for Häcker Küchen, which manages tour data and improves the digital delivery process of the products up to their complete delivery to the customer.

The starting position

Häcker Küchen is one of the largest kitchen manufacturers in Europe and produces 950 custom-made kitchens a day in the traditional family business on over 260,000 sqm with 1,836 people and supplies many dealers worldwide. The company’s existing strengths of networked and digitised processes in production were to be augmented by digitised tracking and tracing in order to meet the high quality and sustainability standards here as well. The most important requirement for a digital solution for tracking and tracing was to achieve a higher degree of transparency and to know at all times when the customers in the specialist trade receive the goods in full.

The solution

Häcker Küchen commissioned the Circlon | group with the implementation of its Circlon | Track & Trace solution, which was extended to include customer-specific processes. The software manages all route data transparently for Häcker and optimises the delivery of the goods to the specialist trade through an intuitive interface for drivers and stand-ins. This enables logistics and operating processes to be digitised and increased, resulting in time and cost savings.

The successes

Häcker Küchen is impressed with the Track & Trace solution because it could be seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure and the requirement to achieve a higher degree of transparency in the delivery process was satisfied. In addition, far fewer paper documents are produced, which is better for the environment. Häcker Küchen sees a further advantage in the fact that, thanks to the feedback in real time, expected returns can for example already be processed by the service agent when the driver is still at the customer’s.

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