As we find a new way of living and working in the current pandemic conditions, Circlon | group have always kept supporting customers a priority.

When new guidelines are issued we as a business are keenly adhering to them, with this in mind in our colleagues across our German locations are now returning step by step to our offices across all functions where it is safe to do so.  Should you need us, simply call (+49 2203 1888 -0) or email us.

The reach of COVID-19 goes far beyond our normal daily working environment as supply chains are disrupted whilst industry learns how to cope, and in verticals like healthcare, retail and e-commerce manage increased demand and new ways of delivery.

As we adjust to our temporary ‘new normal’, Circlon | group are taking steps to protect our team and our customers. For our team this means embracing home working and social distancing where possible, for those not able to do this we are implementing stringent new levels of cleanliness and a reduced risk way of working. Plus we have business continuity plans in place to ensure that our service team can keep working to keep our customers frontline workers and their devices operational.

Many of our customers in retail and delivery are impacted by the current situation, our aim is to ensure that their enterprise mobility deployments deliver maximum uptime for their workforces and speedy access to their device spares and repair pool.

Should you require additional devices, we have plenty of stock in our warehouse that we can readily deliver and deploy.

We want to make sure we are always available, simply call (+49 2203 1888 -0) or email us whenever you need support.

Michael Zitzmann, CEO of the Circlon | group added: "We have taken the recommended measures to ensure employee and public health safety and we are avoiding social contact, however we are here and available."

In the coming weeks each of us has to focus on our behavior and take care, not just for ourselves but to reduce the risk of infection and keep the pressure of our health services. As the situation changes we will keep you fully updated. Stay healthy.