An optimised solution for mobile data capture for every industry

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Market leaders from a wide range of industries already use Circlon | group’s smart solutions

We supply the largest industrial, transport, logistics and retail companies in Europe with smart solutions for sophisticated data capture processes: DPD, Deutsche Post, Hermes Logistik, Dachser, TNT Express, Tetra Pak, Saint-Gobain, Rheinenergie, Rewe, Edeka, Penny, Metro Systems and many more.

The Circlon | group can draw on more than 30 years’ experience in mobile data capture, allowing its customers to benefit from expertise from hundreds of successfully implemented major projects. This is illustrated by the following solution concepts selected as examples, which we can also adapt and implement for any other industry:

We are a certified partner of the largest hardware providers for the healthcare sector. Our solutions are used in various applications in everyday hospital life. Our software solution Circlon | Operate closes the loop with the management of your devices. 

From the A&E department to the operating theatre and the patient’s room, networked medical devices need to be controlled intelligently. In the “Internet of Medical Things”, data is not only collected, but also shared. Patient safety and security plays a primary role. We understand the requirements of a challenging daily hospital routine like no one else on the market and have developed special solutions for these. Our projects for the digitalisation of hospitals are eligible for funding as investment costs according to the ‘Krankenhauszukunftsgesetz’ (KHZG) (Hospital Future Act).

We offer complete mobile systems that incorporate hardware, software, Wi-Fi and MDM solutions. For hospitals, we provide effective high-performance Wi-Fi that is reliable at all times.

For medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, we enable the labelling and tracking of medical products and medicines in compliance with the Unique Device Identification (UDI) Directive and the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

We establish exceptionally large device pools with robust handheld solutions and extremely powerful software, fully adapted to the specific requirements of the project. This guarantees reliable location and shipment tracking in real time.

We know the processes involved in the field of transport & logistics like no other provider on the market and have developed special solutions. Complete mobile systems that incorporate hardware, software, Wi-Fi and MDM solutions. We work together with experienced hardware manufacturers such as Zebra Technologies, Honeywell and Casio hardware so our systems manage handhelds, mobile scanners and printers. We are the only provider in Germany, who can manage a rollout of in excess of 20,000 devices.

Hermes Germany

The Circlon | group has equipped 18,200 Hermes drivers with new GPRS-based scanners. The special software configuration with individual applications enables each individual package to be tracked and traced in real time. It has been possible to optimise process workflows and to greatly reduce the number of hardware breakdowns.


The Circlon | group has equipped 18,200 Hermes drivers with new GPRS-based scanners. The special software configuration with individual applications enables each individual package to be tracked and traced in real time. It has been possible to optimise process workflows and to greatly reduce the number of hardware breakdowns.

We ensure that mobile devices can communicate reliably with merchandise management systems via a stable Wi-Fi network. We also provide support with mobile POS systems and automated solutions for product supply and stock control.

We develop complete in-store and backend solutions for the retail sector. The requirements here are extremely complex – highly user-friendly mobile solutions for use in warehouse logistics and on the sales floor are important. We use the most reliable and stable Wi-Fi technology, which enables us to achieve fail-safe communication for the mobile devices with the merchandise management system. For retail companies with very large device pools, we develop customised flexible solutions. We have established automated solutions for the rapid supply of goods and end-to-end stock control.

Metro Logistics

Our long-standing customer Metro Logistics has a range of around 25,000 fresh, deep-frozen and dry products. The Circlon | group was able to structure the company’s complex logistics processes more efficiently and increase it’s reliability. We implemented a complete digital shipment tracking facility for the customer with integrated cold chain monitoring. All the cargo spaces have been equipped with temperature sensors and door sensors. RFID technology on doors and roller shutters has been used to implement an efficient means of anti-theft protection.

Gebr. Heinemann

In the central logistics hubs of Gebr. Heinemann, we established an area-wide Wi-Fi network – in particular for ensuring reliable communication with the order picking equipment and merchandise management system. Thanks to the high stability and availability of the Wi-Fi network, our customer benefits from smooth and more efficient logistics operations.

We improve the production, stock and warehouse management. Our powerful data capture system is connected for end-to-end production monitoring.

Highly practical solutions are essential for the stock and warehouse management in the production department. This is where we offer customised handheld solutions with a software configuration that caters to the most exacting practical demands. This enables the end-to-end monitoring and control of production flows.

Saint-Gobain Deutsche Glas

We have helped Saint-Gobain Deutsche Glas implement a new data capturing system for its production, including an online connection. This company uses mobile scanner devices to monitor and control its production of glass panels. The new solution from the Circlon | group allows the company to manage its monitoring process more efficiently.

We provide solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of the respective industry. From telecommunications and utilities to healthcare and real estate management, our systems improve work processes and increase the service productivity of your company.

We develop different measures and supply the latest devices, tailored precisely to industry and customer requirements. Our handheld solutions are robust and application-oriented, they feature a large display (also as tablet PCs) and a high computing power. They meet all of the specific requirements that take priority in the fields of production, warehousing and field service.

Cologne Bonn Airport

Circlon | group support Cologne/Bonn Airport in continuously optimising its logistics processes. This includes supplying 150 handhelds that including our easy repair management solution.

As a leading solution provider, the Circlon | group offers solution concepts and customised digitalisation options for waste management companies.

We supply modern hardware and mobile driver devices for the digital handling of driver orders and digital process control. 

As your reliable software solution provider, we offer smart navigation systems with efficient route planning. The portfolio also includes monitoring of waste bins using barcode identification, which makes it easier for you to locate containers and bins in your daily work routine.

  For a recycling company, the Circlon | group has implemented a solution for the recording of the fleet and its cargo on arrival and departure using RFID or UHF (ultra-high frequency) identification.

Otto Dörner GmbH

For the company Otto Dörner GmbH, which has 200 service vehicles in its fleet, Circlon | group supplied industrial tablets as driver devices for the digital processing of driving orders. The company now uses the state-of-the-art digital control system for documentation purposes, thereby helping to significantly reduce error rates.

Jülicher Entsorgungsgesellschaft für Nuklearanlagen

Circlon | group enabled the tracking of radioactive waste with a mobile ID solution. This involves storage movements being recorded and documented using 2D code capture during the interim storage and disposal of radioactive waste. Reading out relevant waste information from a safe distance is a valuable contribution to work safety for employees. Digital tracking and ensuring the documentation obligations for the hazardous goods, in accordance with the strict legal requirements, have also been made possible. 

All our solutions can be fully customised to any industry. We have already implemented system solutions for healthcare, pharmaceutical wholesale, market research, automotive and aerospace, energy supply and public trading industries.

Linde Gas Austria

For Linde Gas Austria, a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical gases, we have implemented a solution for delivery-round-optimised patient care with data synchronisation by GPRS for a mobile data capturing device.

fht Flüssiggas Handel & Transport

fht Flüssiggas Handel & Transport is a nationwide supplier of DIN-compliant liquefied gases to private households, trade, industry and LPG petrol stations. We have developed a solution for handhelds, which ensures end-to-end documentation of the shipment and provides the drivers with an overview of all the technical data (temperature, fill level).

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On the basis of our decades of experience and expertise, we can develop practical solutions for every industry in which mobile data capture plays a central role. This enables our customers to benefit from higher efficiency and productivity in their process chain. Ask us about our expertise in your special field – we have wide-ranging industry-specific knowledge and are happy to offer you our advice.