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Circlon I dff develops intelligent systems and applications for mobile IT. The focus is on customised and individually designed solutions based on our mobile computing framework. Our solutions make complex processes in the fields of transport, logistics, retail and industry clearer and easier to manage, allowing you to streamline your workflows and optimise your processes.

Customised applications – the secret behind efficient mobile data capturing

By using modular software applications on the basis of a flexible framework, Circlon I dff makes it possible to devise customised solutions for every system environment – our framework can be deployed on any operating system platform. At the same time, our standardised software components facilitate getting started in mobile data capturing. Subsequent expansion of the existing system environment does not pose a problem. From simple to complex – Circlon I dff provides a solution for every requirement.

We have more than 15 years experience in developing software for mobile systems and understand the needs of our customers. This specific knowledge flows into our innovative applications, with which we can support and optimise every conceivable process step in your workflows.

  • End-to-end shipment tracking also for forwarders during the preloading, loading and unloading stages
  • Back office access via desktop including mapping
  • Integrated temperature and cargo space monitoring
  • Location determination of employees with arrival detection via geofencing

Our solutions run on handheld devices, smartphones and tablets. We offer software solutions that combine all the necessary process steps in the transport logistics in a clear application – and that with an extremely user-friendly interface.

Our product family: ARRIVIEW

Die Produktfamilie von dff Meet the family

The software developed for Edeka Minden by dff is based entirely on our requirements. From a fully integrated cold chain monitoring system, to an automatic control sequence and an easy-to-use interface, dff was able to implement all our logistic processes in a problem-free and user-friendly manner. With dff we have found a reliable and innovative software partner.


Jens Ubben, EDEKA Minden

circlon-logo-web-names – The efficient team of experts

The Circlon | group is the high performing and largest German provider for mobile data capturing. For you, leading companies from all key areas for mobile IT solutions have combined their expertise. Benefit from a unique concept that provides efficient solutions for all process stages in your mobile framework.