Full control with Cool Control

Circlon | Cool Control is an independent temperature monitoring system, which can also be connected to existing monitoring systems (e.g. EuroScan, DataCold). Compared to similar products, Circlon | Cool Control is characterised by its high configurability, minimum amount of maintenance it requires and its comparatively low acquisition cost.

What offers

In many market segments, e.g. for food and pharmaceutical shipments, monitoring the temperature of the consignment is essential. Circlon | Cool Control makes it possible for suppliers to give their customers a guarantee for temperature-relevant shipments and offers many advantages. It documents that the goods are sufficiently cooled during transit, when the doors or roller shutters of the truck have been opened and where the cooled goods are currently located. Using Circlon | Cool Control, refrigerated shipments can be traced tamper-proof and free from false alarms.

Advantages at a glance

Complete temperature and load compartment monitoring

Certified as temperature recorder according to EN 12830

Tamper-proof door monitoring based on RFID technology

GPS positioning and data communication via mobile service

How works

Simple tracking

An integrated GSM and GPS module allows Circlon | Cool Control to maintain a constant data exchange and thus permanent tracking. Circlon | Cool Control can be used with any mobile service provider, even with private APN networks.

Full control

The Cool Control Box measures cooling data, collects data on door openings and transmits this via the mobile network to the corresponding servers. The temperature data is generated by our sensors or connected sensor systems and transmitted via the Cool Control Box to the server.

Complete overview

The transmitted data can be displayed, managed, evaluated and exported via the web portal. There is also the option of integrating Circlon | Cool Control as a module into the telematics solution from Circlon | dff. Temperatures, routes, speeds and locations can be evaluated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This takes place over the course of the route with temperature data in the map view. It is possible to document door openings and door closures or the activation and shutdown of the cooling system in a log with exact time information. All evaluations of this data can be exported in Excel files. In addition, alarms and groups of alarms are individually configurable as required.


Web portal

Vehicle overview with graphic representation of the data, e.g. timeline, map view (route with temperature and speed).

When alerts are triggered, notifications can be sent by e-mail or SMS.

Groupings can be defined for a selection of vehicles to which certain alarms are assigned.

Alarms themselves can be defined, e.g. in the case of exceeding or falling below the temperature thresholds, establishing prohibited zones (geofences), door openings, manipulation attempts.


The connection of the individual components can be wired or wireless. This means that Circlon | Cool Control can be installed in any vehicle. The modular system consists of a Cool Control Box and the SIM card from any provider. Alternatively, APN networks can also be used for data transmission. In addition, there is a certified temperature sensor according to EN 12830 and a sophisticated door monitoring system. With the aid of this RFID technology, door openings can be recorded tamper-proof and free from false alarms. The communication between RFID tag and RFID reader is encrypted. The supply line from the box to the RFID reader is a data bus. Random data are sent several times per second, which are answered by the reader. If the connection is interrupted or disturbed, the door is considered open. In this way, false alarms are avoided and manipulation attempts are excluded.

as a partner

We provide professional support for Circlon | Cool Control in close cooperation with our specialist installation partner NTT Telematik-Service and many vehicle construction companies. Our service and support services accompany the customer through the entire project.

From customer advice to commissioning, we ensure smooth daily operation with our know-how. Convince yourself here.

Our services

Problem analysis and solutions

Configuration and set up of Circlon | Cool Control

Function test

In addition to the general advice on the complete product, our customers have the opportunity to organise the repair and replacement of hardware in cooperation with our partners. Many large and market leading logistics companies, especially in the food sector, are already benefiting from Circlon | Cool Control.

If you want to know more about this service continue reading our flyer about Cool Control.

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